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The intertwined circles of MBG's logo represent the same strong relationship between policyholder and insurance carrier that is depicted by this 18th Century fire mark.

"Building and protecting economic well-being for those who value security in their daily lives."

That's how Mutual Benefit Group defines its purpose, and we seek to fulfill it by providing a full line of quality, tailored, fairly priced insurance coverage for your home, automobile, and business through the independent agency system.

Our mission is to create, implement, and execute for you The MBG Experience:

"Through intelligent market segmentation, consistent customer focus, employment of the best people, deployment of technological solutions that create ease of doing business, fairly priced, quality products supported by superior claims service and delivered effectively through experienced independent agencies, MBG will meet our policyholders' needs for protection and security with care and compassion."

A regional property and casualty insurance firm with home offices in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, Mutual Benefit Group (MBG) offers coverage through member companies Mutual Benefit Insurance Company and Select Risk Insurance Company. Founded more than 100 years ago as a two-man operation, MBG has grown to employ nearly 155 people, building a reputation for providing service with a friendly, personal touch.

Those who choose to entrust MBG with their economic well-being benefit from:

Our experience

  • We have been providing property and casualty insurance coverage since 1908.
  • Nearly 80,000 individuals and businesses in two states hold Mutual Benefit insurance policies.

Our strength

  • Mutual Benefit is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company, the leading independent provider of insurance company ratings.
  • Our consolidated assets exceeded $208 million in 2013.

Our personal touch

  • We are represented by more than 250 independent insurance agencies throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. These professionals have the expertise to customize an insurance package that meets your individual needs.
  • Our staff includes many who have been with our company for years, and who have earned a reputation as "the office of friendly people."
  • Our claims specialists are committed to meeting the needs of our policyholders quickly, fairly, efficiently, and courteously.
  • The insurance professionals at MBG design insurance programs and set prices with individual needs in mind, making it possible for you to build a personalized portfolio with the coverage that's right for you.

Our company's perspective

  • As a mutual company, Mutual Benefit is focused on the people it serves, not on quarter-by-quarter results.
  • We consider our promise to build and protect the economic well-being of our policyholders a long-term commitment. Throughout your lifetime, however your need for insurance coverage may change, we remain dedicated to offering you the best possible insurance products at the fairest possible price.

A symbol of security

When the first fire insurance companies were formed in the 1600's, each had its own fire brigade and its own "fire mark". These leaden marks were nailed near the doorposts of buildings as proof that the owners had paid for insurance and were therefore entitled to protection from a particular fire brigade. If the building had no insurance and no fire mark, the shortsighted owner was left to fend for himself with his buckets.

While the conventions and standards of firefighting and insurance protection have certainly changed over the centuries, the basic need for the security that comes from purchasing insurance has not. MBG's logo depicts the strong, interdependent relationship that is formed when a dedicated independent insurance agent, a financially stable, experienced insurance company, and wise consumers choose to pool their resources and mutually share in facing the risks they confront each day. Just like the fire mark of Colonial America, our logo is our policyholders' symbol of security.

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